Italian sushi

The fruit and vegetables we use are selected based on seasonal and quality criteria, with a preference for local delicacies where possible.

Tasty & healthy

The unmistakable taste of freshly made Mediterranean food mixed with traditional Japanese cuisine to create surprising combinations.

Quality products

All the raw materials we choose, from vegetables to fish products, are inspected and processed while fresh. Where possible, our fruit and vegetables are organic.

For information about gluten-free menu please contact us at 0544 402125
For us, offering a service suited to the dietary needs of people with coeliac disease means:
  • Using preparation tools appropriately and consciously and applying the necessary procedures to avoid gluten contamination.
  • Receiving training on coeliac disease and gluten-free nutrition from the AIC (Italian Coeliac Association).
  • Following the AIC's guidelines for a gluten-free diet.
  • Submitting to regular checks from qualified AIC personnel to guarantee compliance.

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