About us

"La Susheria" was founded in Ravenna in 2015 by ​​two 30-year-old chefs with a passion for Japanese cuisine. Our brand philosophy stands out thanks to our fusion of Japanese tradition and quintessential Italian flavours, creating a fresh, healthy menu which takes into account allergies and the new dietary requirements of modern society.

The project

Operating as a franchise under the "La Susheria" brand represents an excellent business opportunity, insofar as it offers a totally new twist on the Japanese/fusion catering scene; the brand's eye-catching and striking graphic design attracts a varied customer base thanks to its originality, ensuring immediate profits.

"La Susheria" franchising is aimed at those who want a first-hand entrepreneurial experience. You do not need experience in the world of catering, but it is essential that you invest 100% of your commitment and motivation into the project.


Anyone can eat our sushi! The fundamental idea is to create a product that is simple, both to prepare and to eat, with quality, readily available ingredients and standardised processes that can be quickly and easily passed on.


Who says that healthy food has to be tasteless? Our menu is original because we created it from scratch, from the graphics to the combinations. Our creativity is at the heart of the project, which we continue to refine and develop every day.


We are open about our choice of raw ingredients, and this generates TRUST among our customers; the menu that we offer is a reflection of our awareness of the very different food choices and diets out there today, which cannot be overlooked in our industry. All this led us to the creation of our #sushiforall recipes.


Full restaurant, take-away service, no entry fee.


Small-scale, heavy customer flow, fast delivery.


Highly flexible, mobile operation, visibility and appeal.

Build your future in 4 steps

  • 1.  Have you read our brochure? Do you think you are the right person to take on this type of business? Contact us at the following number or the following email address, and our franchise manager will let you know more about our company and answer your queries.
  • 2. It's time to get to know each other in person: we'll arrange a meeting with the team to explain the project in more detail.
  • 3. Do you already have a potential location in mind? It's time to choose the location and format so you can start building your future.
  • 4. Having chosen the location and the most suitable format for you, you’re all set to open your "La Susheria" franchise. The time has come to meet with our commercial and legal advisers to exchange sensitive information and sign the preliminary contract.